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25th October 2019 Comments Off on Midoca – I Can’t Keep Up With You Electronic

Midoca – I Can’t Keep Up With You

Compositionally breathtaking from first note to last, Midoca’s “I Can’t Keep Up With You” is lyrically somber, yet musically uplifting. Soft croonings of falling behind rest beautifully upon blissful guitar as Midoca weaves acoustic elements into his already emotionally captivating backsound. A raw display of the LA-based creative’s immense versatility, “I Can’t Keep Up With You” beckons listeners in with intoxicating lyricism, and holds with sweet soundscapes prepared to pull on heartstrings. A thoughtful revelation of the need for change, “I Can’t Keep Up With You” is a freeing ballad, and comes as a powerful reminder to respect our own self-worth.

“‘I Can’t Keep Up With You’ was written after realizing I was being taken advantage of by someone in a higher position of power. I was angry and disappointed, but the separation was freeing. The uplifting energy from the songs production came from that feeling of levity.” Midoca

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