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Germany Germany – Someone New

Ever evolving and ever changing, Germany Germany finds himself growing now more than ever in his budding career. Upon moving to a new city, the musician took it upon himself to become “someone new” and step outside of any boundaries he imposed upon himself. “Someone New” is the mellifluous brainchild of those thoughts: an emotionally moving ballad chock-full of soft croons chronicling the desire for important change. A compositionally stunning track, Germany Germany aims for the heart in his first single ahead of full album release.

“I wrote ‘Someone New’ partway through a through a big life transition, moving to a new city. I had it in my head that to force myself outside of expectations I had set for myself and limitations on what I could accomplish, I had to become ‘someone new.’ Now being on the other side of that transition, while I’ve discovered that I’m fundamentally the same person, that thought was helpful in giving myself the space to make some important changes to who I am.” – Germany Germany

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