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16th September 2019 Comments Off on Shmuck The Loyal – Hypervade EP EDM

Shmuck The Loyal – Hypervade EP

Shmuck the Loyal is an experimental music producer based out of Nashville, TN. His idealistic approach to production is driven by the pursuance of maximalism and a deeper, more emotive side of electronica. His variety and versatility during this project greatly underline his skills as a future electronic music artist. The overlay of his passions to music, movie and vehicle culture is demonstrated through his music and visuals.

“I love the word “hyper” I love how the word looks, sounds and the meaning of it. The word itself has been used in a handful of my artistic endeavors and I knew early in the production process of the EP that it embodied the sound and feeling of the project. In its infancy, the project was slated as “Hyper Human” but I failed to develop a means of proper depiction. “Extremely human” rather than “Extreme human” i.e. I settled on hypervade because I loved the overlap of the words and how it felt like something new.”

“Hypervade isn’t about a message so much as a feeling. I’m in the pursuance of creating music that is emotive, visceral and rattles your core. It is intended to enhance whatever emotion is relevant to your life at the time of listening. If I were to pick a theme, it would be “empowering”. -Shmuck The Loyal

Shmuck The Loyal – Hypervade EP


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