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16th September 2019 Comments Off on Sarah Isabella – Voodoo Child R&B

Sarah Isabella – Voodoo Child

We have finally been blessed with new music from Sarah Isabella. Her luscious sound is rather intoxicating, give it one try and you’ll be hooked onto her forever The young talent already made her mark on Absent Mind with ‘Dangerous Trip,’ picking up over 100,000 Spotify plays and bringing her enriched signature sound to a whole new audience. Her new single ‘Voodoo Child’ blends floating flute and guitar hooks, slow drifting chords and her utterly captivating tones for a late summer listen that proves irresistible.

“Voodoo Child is an ode to the inner child, often forgotten and ignored. It is about creating and visualising your own world of inspiration when the one around us is sombre.”

Sarah Isabella – Voodoo Child


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