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7th August 2019 Comments Off on Ivan Galvan – Mensajero LP Albums

Ivan Galvan – Mensajero LP

Ivan Galvan continues his enthusiasm for EDM by releasing on his sophomore album “Mensajero.” The 8-track project offers a variety of bass-driven takes that showcase the producers talent. Giving you a glimpse inside the genius behind the project, these records very fluidly represent Ivan as an artist. Taking on musical risks, the LA-based artist never hides from a challenge and this full studio project is a testament to his willingness to think outside the box. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

“Mensajero is about a war between Archangel Saint Michael and Lucifer. The songs go through all the emotions of battle with the ups and downs. The moments of defeat and victory. And the moments of fear and bravery. Mensajero means messenger in Spanish. The album is red for the bloodshed in battle with a sword going through the “e.” (espada is sword in Spanish which is why it was strategically placed through the “e”).” – Ivan Galvan.

Ivan Galvan – Mensajero


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