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5th August 2019 Comments Off on Nala – Gravity Music

Nala – Gravity

Nala is plopping onto the scene to share her gifted and diverse artistry. Taking the souls of her victims, her music will leave you speechless. ‘Gravity’ is about to make its mark with a radiating warmth and emotive energy. Rich washes of pads and trickling piano melodies are expansive support for Nala’s raw vocals, wrapping their way around the progressively rising instrumentals.

“The song was written about an experience I had in a new relationship, I had been single for a long while and got involved with someone who was very caring and attentive. Eventually, that attentiveness started to make me feel suffocated. The song reflects my desire for space from the relationship and how the lack of that space caused me to feel like I couldn’t breathe. The song starts more spacious and by the end should feel as if there’s no space left – reflecting that suffocating feeling.” – Nala

Nala – Gravity

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