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12th July 2019 Comments Off on Roet – Love You/Love Me EDM

Roet – Love You/Love Me

Zach Alwin, creatively known as Roet continues to deliver striking music to the forefront of emerging alternative electronic talent. Roet’s signature sound is a righteous blend of mellow dance music and indie vocals. A full circle creator, Roet is the mastermind behind his entire catalog, producing his own beats and tracking his crystal cool vocals to parallel. Despite being a relatively new face to the electronic music industry, Roet produces luxurious sounds that are far from novice. His latest single “Love You/Love Me” is the perfect lead up to his debut EP due September 3rd.

“The writing of ‘Love You/Love Me’ started with the thought, ‘what’s the most personally embarrassing way I could begin a song?’ It’s a lot harder to make a positive change in the world or love somebody else if you don’t respect yourself, and a big part of self-respect is facing the fear of letting yourself be seen, warts and all.  I guess I was trying to jump-start the conversation: ‘If I can make this much of an ass out of myself, there’s no reason you can’t be your true self’” –Roet

Roet – Love You/Love Me

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