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31st May 2019 Comments Off on Ian Munro – Liminal EP Albums

Ian Munro – Liminal EP

Ian Munro‘s biggest project has arrived and you need to hear it immediately. After taking a small hiatus, the producers time was well spent as he managed to not only inspire himself but many of his peers around him. The “Liminal” EP is a 5-track project that simply displays the producers musical genius. It is art in every form and you can just hear the passion splattered on each record. Embarking on his most adventurous endeavor yet, we hope to see Ian thrive in today’s musical climate with masterpieces such as the “Liminal” EP.

“This whole process has been about getting back in touch with my intentions as an artist. It can all be so fleeting — so ephemeral. I wanted to give you something to hold on to. Something to fall apart to. To fall in love with. Something to feel.”

“A huge part of this project was in the pursuit of catharsis: a blind stab in the dark for something more – something tangible. You can fake it to try and play the game for a while, but that eats you up and spits you out hollow. This EP is, in a way, my way of making sense of it all. Making sense of my place in the world — both musically and personally. I guess the concept of liminality really goes hand in hand with this. For a long time there, I was lost. I think this project really embodies those in-between moments that exist between discomfort and resolution – those moments of transformation and growth.” – Ian Munro

Stream The ‘Liminal’ EP Below:

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