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11th May 2019 Comments Off on Sensu – Escape Featured

Sensu – Escape

Sensu, a true sensory captivator, blends her background as a classically trained pianist with her years producing hip-hop beats to create a boundary-shattering new sound. Even with no vocal narration, Sensu beckons listeners into her world and launches them into a journey through the mind. “Escape” speaks volumes without saying anything at all and yet manages to serve the perfect impression of her artistry. 

“‘Escape’ is the first instrumental track from my debut album ‘Embrace’. This track means a lot to me because it was the first track I made for the album and it’s been over a year since I started creating it. It has that beautiful, melancholic vibe to it but it also has so much energy in it. The track takes you on a mind journey but at the same time you feel like standing up and running away from things going on in your head. That’s how I feel about it and that’s why I love it so much.” – Sensu

Watch The Video Below:

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