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3rd May 2019 Comments Off on Bishu – Out Here Featured

Bishu – Out Here

Bishu’s ‘Out Here,’ has made its mark today on Quality Goods Records. Having collaborated in the past with artists including Tomsize, Luca Lush and Quix, his role in the electronic scene is growing in significance. Alongside production, he is well known on social media for his unique, relentless commentary on EDM culture – earning him plenty of global attention.

A wicked addition to the QGR catalog is ‘Out Here.’ Bishu carves out chiming melodies and a thickly textured bassline with solid hip-hop influencing the vocal focus. Deep, low-end rolling surges are offset by rattling snares and chattering 808s – neatly tying up the track.

Stream ‘Out Here’ Now:

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