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18th March 2019 Comments Off on SHY FX – Bad After We feat. Kojey Radical & Ghetts Featured

SHY FX – Bad After We feat. Kojey Radical & Ghetts

SHY FX is a well-known name in the UK. They are known for their massive influences in UK Reggae, Soundsystem culture and just general connectedness with British Urban music and music all around the world. We’re fairly sure most people will know of at least one Shy FX track.

This is why their latest track, ‘Bad After We’, is so interesting. They are touching on this modern hip-hop/grime vibe in such a different way. The track screams character and is instantly recognisable. It goes to show that even within a saturated genre – you can still shine above. The track feels a little short, but the entire journey is so engaging and just makes you wanna bounce around the car.

Take a listen below!

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