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9th March 2019 Comments Off on BVSSIC – Untangled [DLNW Premiere] Featured

BVSSIC – Untangled [DLNW Premiere]

BVSSIC is probably one of the hottest producers in the underground right now. His stand-out style is almost instantly recognisable and has done a great job garnering support from the likes of Figure, Algo, Whales, Dion Timmer – the list goes on.

We’ve decided to premiere BVSSIC’s latest track, ‘Untangled’ that comes out on the Untapped EP from Odio Records. This looks like to be a collection of singles from underground artists that deserve the recognition. After all, Untapped means to tap into a source and expose it. We’re excited to see what else Odio brings this year as they are constantly delivering fresh and new content that to put simply – absolutely slams.

Take a listen below!

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