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21st February 2019 Comments Off on Need For Mirrors – ‘Royal Blood’ EP Featured

Need For Mirrors – ‘Royal Blood’ EP

Program is RAM’s smaller, sister label that is a platform for up-and-coming artists and established artists to test the waters and experiment with their sound. Usually these tracks do very well and the artist is then slung-shot forward into the spotlight. Need For Mirrors is the latest artist in the label’s roster with his, ‘Royal Blood’ EP that came out on the 15th.

The Royal Blood EP is comprised of four tracks, each exploring a different corner of the Drum & Bass scene. Each track has such a unique appeal to it in the way it’s been mixed or the way the sound design is characterised. All four tracks are easily playable both at home and in the club and we’d be surprised if you haven’t already lovingly danced to these or thrown a shoe at the DJ.

Take a listen below!

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