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18th February 2019 Comments Off on Liquid Stranger – Infinity LP Featured

Liquid Stranger – Infinity LP

We like to make sure we start off our Monday in the best possible way, as it does help the rest of your week and just generally sets you up for a calm, collected yet energised approach. So what better way to kick things off by stepping into the unknown with Liquid Stranger’s Infinity LP that features a whopping 30 tracks!

This LP reaches all corners of electronic music and explores almost every aspect of it in one release. From features with CloZee, Dion Timmer, KJ Sawka, Laura Brehm and SoDown there is definitely a lot of versatility in this. The LP isn’t just a random collection of tracks either and is shaped just as an album should be – telling a story.

To be able to progress an album through the sounds of each track in the way that it does is inherently clever and a lot of thought has gone into the placement of the tracks, the ordering and the overall vibe they present. It actually feels like everything is progressing all the time and that is great.

Take a listen below!

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