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12th February 2019 Comments Off on Luvwn – Sume Featured

Luvwn – Sume

Luvwn AKA Christopher Kaasik started producing music in his room just over three years ago and hasn’t stopped since. The second he started he fell in love with the magic behind it all. “I’m really obsessed with the idea behind voodoo and hypnotizing and I think the eerie sound is just how it translates into my music” says luvwn. “I think my sound can function as a reminder that there are many small things in life you can enjoy – that don’t necessarily have to be exciting.”

His other tracks under his belt are of a similar style, with this smooth mellow butteriness that just melts all of your qualms away. We just love the character that comes through from each element whilst complimenting what’s next to it. Too often there’s a jarring element or something that peeps a bit too loud so other elements fight each other – but not with this. This is just sublime and a perfect way to unwind after an immense day.

Take a listen below!

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