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17th January 2019 Comments Off on John Holt – Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix) Featured

John Holt – Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)

Ahh, Benny L. 2019 is his year, as if 2018 wasn’t kind enough already to him. If you are into DnB and went out at all last year you would have heard this track, and BOY does it go off. Taking the original vibe and adding the classic Benny L vibe to it could not compliment each other enough.

The track starts with a reggae feel with the traditional vibe to John Holt’s original coming through. The drop then turns into something a lot more sinister sounding, with a less traditional drop and flow going on. The little change up of breaks and not knowing when it’s going to resolve makes the track very interesting.

Take a listen below!

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