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16th January 2019 Comments Off on Majestique – How U Been ft. Miles Hi Featured

Majestique – How U Been ft. Miles Hi

Majestique are quickly becoming one of our favourite production duos. Their ability to suck out that disco/80’s inspired vibe on almost anything they do and spin it in a completely fresh and modern way is just incredible. I’ve been looking out for some modern-disco and this just hits all the marks.

Majestique say: “After five years working on and off on the first album, we felt we had to do something different. Our close friend Miles Hi came along with this amazing song about this person that everyone meets in his or her life that is kryptonite. So we decided to make it as disco and unpolished as possible, similar to the relation that you should have with this person.”

We always like something a bit different and Majestique deliver on that. Music is incredibly saturated and fresh producers have it easier than ever with how accessible music production is now. Their first track of 2019 is just amazing.

Take a listen below!

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