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7th November 2018 Comments Off on Leotrix – Meteor Features & Reviews, Track Of The Day

Leotrix – Meteor

Leotrix is only 18 years old and already his experimental style can be recognised almost instantly. Following on from his previous successes through Quality Goods Records, ‘Can’t Stay Here’ and ‘Meteor’ the fresh talent takes his music to the next level. With, ‘Meteor’ – we have this incredibly dynamic trap beat with intricate percussion layered up to give it more character.

That percussion has such a unique sound and vibe to it, it almost feels influenced by the middle-east or Japan in the way it sounds. Couple that with the way the bass has been engineered and it feels very soft, yet has this hard edge to it. It’s the sort of track you’d listen to whilst doing chores around the house or in the background with friends over. What a sublime vibe.

Take a listen below!

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