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10th October 2018 Comments Off on The Korsakov Compilation Vol. 1 Features & Reviews, Track Of The Day

The Korsakov Compilation Vol. 1

We absolutely love Drum & Bass over at DLNW, so what better to land in our inbox than a hench compilation from a fresh label called Korsakov. The compilation boasts 14 tracks from a plethora of different artists across the Drum & Bass spectrum. From Droptek’s intricate sound design style to High Maintenance’s more familiar liquid, there’s something for everyone on here.

The compilation even dares to enter into the darker and deeper side, giving a great contrast from all four corners of the Drum & Bass world. Korsakov also put on tonnes of events across Europe and their professionalism and love for what they do oozes out of every orifice of the brand.

Take a listen below!

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