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1st October 2018 Comments Off on Sora – Ghost Of Shinjuku EP Features & Reviews, Track Of The Day

Sora – Ghost Of Shinjuku EP

Isaiah Maurice Clayton PKA Sora is a 21-year-old producer from Florida, USA. His latest release is the incredible, ‘Ghost Of Shinjuku’ EP that follows the success of Personal Space, Give It Up and Next Level over on Odio Records. This new EP showcases how far he has come in just a year and is a current showcase of his skills.

Ghost Of Shinjuku EP has such a great artwork style to accompany the release, the quality of artwork and music keeps raising and we can see this label becoming one of the big ones if they keep it up. The Ghost Of Shinjuku EP has a similar sound design style throughout but explores different engineering and patterns that keep you interested throughout.

Take a listen below!

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