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22nd September 2018 Comments Off on BLVTH – Blut Featured

BLVTH – Blut

We recently wrote about BLVTH earlier in the month with their, ‘Pusher’ single release that we instantly fell in love with. ‘Pusher’ is one of the tracks on the ‘Blut’ EP amongst the 7 others that make it up. The 8 track EP opens up with the incredibly atmospheric, ‘0-0’ that sets the experimental tones of the EP with it going into, ‘Seven’ – an urban hip-hop track with real depth.

‘Rigid’ is a somewhat darker turn but nicely trots along due to its rhythmic beat and we touched on, ‘Pusher’ a few weeks back. ‘Champagne’ has this real movement to it and the way the groove works on this track literally just makes us wanna run circles around the living room. The track nicely leads into ‘Disney’ – a cleverly contrasting track between the dark vocals and upbeat music.

We then move onto ‘Mars’, the final track before a reprise version of the earlier, ‘Pusher’ we are all too familiar with by now. The latter took us slightly by surprise as we couldn’t imagine anything different in the way it’s presented. Altogether, this EP is absolutely large and tells a great story over the music.

Take a listen below!

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