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21st September 2018 Comments Off on Whales – Neverland Feat. Aloma Steele & Jordan Carriere Featured

Whales – Neverland Feat. Aloma Steele & Jordan Carriere

Whales, previously known as Sex Whales is back with a brand new track, ‘Neverland’. The hot new track features the vocals of Aloma Steele & Jordan Carriere who both present such a unique vibe to the track that fully completes the vibe. We can imagine without the vocals, the track would feel a little less vibey and wouldn’t excite us as much.

Jordan’s vocals lead out the track and almost remind us of some older Linkin Park stuff where they have that spoken word style vocal over the top. It then flicks to the very contrasting vocals from Aloma but they compliment together perfectly. Unexpected, but seriously welcome.

Once the track’s energy builds up into the drop, we predicted the track was going to be quite familiar and drop in a way that a lot of pop tracks do at the moment. We were surprised when it took the opposite turn and had this really upbeat and energetic dubstep style drop that got us jumping around the living room.

Take a listen below!

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