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20th September 2018 Comments Off on Ecraze – French Hood EP Featured

Ecraze – French Hood EP

Ecraze is from France and is a dubstep producer. He usually makes music with Graphyt but occasionally pushes out some music by himself. We always get excited when we see their names on anything, as we’re guaranteed for this to be absolute heat. The French Hood EP did not disappoint. At. All.

The first track ‘Buck Wild’ is the one that stands out the most with us with Rico Act and has sound design elements reminiscent of Space Laces weaved into Ecrazes dry basses that I absolutely love. The track is perfectly polished and absolutely goes off in a live environment.

The EP then goes to the self-titled ‘French Hood’ that is crunchy and cements Ecrazes style into our brains. Then we’re off to ‘Shotta’ which has some of the most interesting sound design I’ve heard in a dubstep track all year. Wrapping up the EP is ‘Impala’ a slightly more obscure track on the EP that showcases some new ideas and sound design tricks.

Overall the ‘French Hood’ EP by Ecraze on Never Say Die’s Black Label is an absolute heater and something that should be in everyone’s sets. French Hood EP is OUT NOW! Take a listen below.

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