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31st August 2018 Comments Off on Eminem – Kamikaze Featured

Eminem – Kamikaze

Eminem has just dropped a brand new album, ‘Kamikaze’ out of literally nowhere. This album is certainly redeeming for Eminem when his less than impressive comeback from his last album, ‘Revival’. Eminem takes the bold move (as always) to address his fans concerns about his last album and a few more words about the current scene on hip-hop.

A different approach or maybe just stepping up his inspiration, Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ LP is more than a welcome comeback – it reminds us all that Eminem is the GOAT. Too much I’m tired of hearing the same formulaic track with the same autotune characteristic on it. There were actually parts of the music that reminded us of the experimental turn Kanye West took – just not quite the obscurity that Kanye puts on it.

Now this LP may not be for everyone, but Eminem can sigh a breath of relief. He better not be too relieved though as it’s almost like you have to piss him off to get some really good material out of him. Hopefully, he can find the right balance and show 2018 that he’s not to be forgotten about. Take a listen below!

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