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15th August 2018 Comments Off on Brooke Williams – Nightmare Featured

Brooke Williams – Nightmare

The San Diego based Brooke Williams brings us this really cool pop hybrid with all sorts of influences wrapped together with her smooth, yet textured vocals. A blend of this constant guitar riff with other electronic elements weaved in and topped off with Brooke’s vocals are just perfectly complimentary. The track is called, ‘Nightmare’ after one of Brooke’s friends called the same.

She says of ‘Nightmare’ – “I used to hang out with this guy who always described himself as a ‘nightmare.’  Every time I hung out with him, we’d have the craziest, most unexpected adventures. He was the kind of person who pushed your comfort zone and you’d become addicted to the fun and thrill of it. He was spontaneous and could never make his mind up about a girl, let alone anything else.

Over time I realized these were all the reasons he called himself a nightmare. I thought it was an interesting word to describe yourself and it stuck with me, which is what inspired this song. I kept thinking to myself “Damn he really IS a nightmare, but it’s one I want to be in.”

Take a listen below!

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