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14th January 2018 Comments Off on Steerner – Nowhere Featured

Steerner – Nowhere

It’s Sunday, you just wanna stay in bed but the sun is bleeding through that crack in the curtains just enough to disrupt your zen of darkness. You get up, stick a playlist on, tear open the curtains and peer outside into the winter world. That’s the moment you realise that life isn’t so bad after all and you look at the entire world from a new perspective.

That’s how the track makes us feel this morning, by flipping your mood upside down and gives you a sense of a renewed outlook on life. It’s upbeat, fun and the vocals aren’t too intrusive so that the focus is on just one element; the track is perfectly balanced in that sense. So, stick this on in your car, in the kitchen, in your room – just feel the good vibes.

Take a listen below!


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