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31st May 2017 Comments Off on Oski – Kid Calamity EP Uncategorised

Oski – Kid Calamity EP

Bass innovator Oski is back with his new EP ‘Kid Calamity’ which has finally dropped on Quality Goods Records!

His Kid Calamity EP has been much anticipated by both fans of Oski and UZ’s ever-growing label and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! The four-track release includes huge collaborations with Hydraulix, Macntaj, The Arcturians, Anuka and Vitillaz.

Discussing the EP, Oski says:”Kid Calamity’ is the culmination of a whole series of happy mistakes and perfect imperfections, wrapped up in a neat little bow.”

Take a listen to his amazing and stunning EP if you haven’t checked it yet and grab your copy now.

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