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17th August 2016 Comments (0) Features & Reviews

Billain, Malux, Posij and Culprate – Glados EP

Inspected bring together 4 of the most forward-thinking names in experimental d&b to deliver the ‘Glados’ EP.

Released through Inspected Records, CULPRATE, MALUX, BILLAIN and POSIJ express their individual and unique aesthetic through ‘Glados’.

Culprate opens up the EP with his hugely popular track ‘Diablo’, restructured and re-crafted. Malux is a relatively fresh name in dnb, but the refined bass credentials of his long-running alter-ego Skope shine through in towering track ‘Rubix’.

Billain unleashes a track true to its name with ‘Specialist’, Posij finishes up the EP with 4 minutes of delirious techno in track ‘Killer’.

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