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Machine Code – Projection EP

mc_4000x4000Heard of Drum & Bass? Got it. Neurofunk? On the right track then. Machine Code? You haven’t? Well, now we’re spoiling you with his new release on Othercide Records called the ‘Projection’ EP.

We open the EP with the self-titled ‘Projection’ and it’s clear to see why the release has been named after it. When it drops, all hell breaks loose with tearing crunchy basslines and an eclectic drum beat that just flows and works.

Next up is our personal favourite, ‘The Germ’. This is an absolute blinder of a banger and when it dropped caught us by complete surprise. It’s chunky and wide basses tears throughout the track whilst still having enough rhythm to keep you dancing (or whatever it is you do now).

‘Infiltration’ is the third track off the EP and gave us a similar feeling to ‘The Germ’ in that it’s just complete madness whilst contained within a neat 6 minutes and 21 seconds. We don’t know how, but every track is crunchy and crispy with textures and dynamics whilst still being clean and punchy.

The last track on the EP is a remix of Homeboy’s ‘Artificial Organism’ from Machine Code himself and is a great addition to the EP with a similar sounding vibe to the other tracks on there.

Out Now on Othercide Records, you can grab the EP right now from here.

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