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17th June 2016 Comments (0) Uncategorised

Mt Eden – Fall With You feat. Albi & the Wolves

So who remembers Mt Eden? You know that really old dubstep tune? The one where it goes “woah oh woah” with the deep wobbles? Yeah that one! Well, you don’t need to badly describe a track that we all know and love any longer – and they are back with some brand new content, although it’s not dubstep!

Mt Eden is back with ‘Fall With You’ featuring Albi & the Wolves and it is certainly wonderful hearing how they have progressed musically. Going with a more chilled out vibe with elements of hip-hop, trap and future all combined with the all-too brilliant Albi & The Wolves.

Make sure you don’t sleep on this one – it’s a banger out on Ultra Records and you can get it from here.

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