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Surma – Maasai

17th June 2016 Comments (0) Features & Reviews, Track Of The Day

Majestique – Tonight

Despite everything in our power to get away from it, the 80’s have finally caught up with us. In fact, we don’t even mean in a bad way. It’s like an entire generation of music was undiscovered due to the fact that everything around us was changing so quickly and so much.

The opening drums of this track make you feel young(er) and give a completely new dynamic to anything that is coming out on the radio or SoundCloud at the moment. The way those synths and other elements then come in and the vibe it creates is just something magical. I almost feel like I need to be watching David Hasselhoff running across a beach pretending that Knight Rider ever happened.

It’s amazing to see the creativity coming through with these sounds and it’s also great to see people wanting to pick up on synthesisers and hardware again, as so many others turn to plugins such as Massive and more recently, Serum.

I mean, the solo that comes in at 0:43 for some reason gives me a Final Fantasy IX (9) feeling. Retro and modern with a funky beat and atmospheric vibe that just leaves you wanting more and more.

Coming out on the 1st July on Dirty Soul, make sure you grab the EP from here when it’s released.

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