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26th May 2016 Comments (0) Features & Reviews

L33 – Karate LP Review

l_33_karate_lp_artworkL33 is at the heart of EATBRAIN, and today we get to review his upcoming LP ‘Karate’. This LP certainly packs a punch and with the amount of dynamics he’s used throughout – we can see why it’s called ‘Karate’.

This album features a whopping 15 tracks, with each being just as good as the one before. We start off with the first track off the LP called ‘Clublife’.

‘Clublife’ reminds us a little of the Teddy Killerz remix of ‘Ragga Bomb’ – with the pitched down vocals and plucky ascending synth. This changes when it drops, with this huge and crispy modulated reece and a drum beat that will make you want to punch the person directly to your left.

The next track that jumps out at us is ‘Collide’ – with its crazy high pitched samples coming through (what even is that noise!?) over that rolling drum beat with one of the most perfectly matched snares I think we’ve heard in quite some time. Chunky!

‘Grime All The Time’ is a nice techy roller that gives a different take to the Drum & Bass world that L33 lives in. Whilst still using those familiar reeces and drums, he adds a different dynamic using pitched vocals along with a really chunky and wide bass that just gives the track that different sound we needed.

So as if those tracks haven’t melted your face off already, we then gave ‘Creatures’ a spin. Woah, this is rather large! We can imagine this sounding great live with a really full sub and bass, percussion and that crispy crisp sound design.

‘Drop It Down Low’ caught us by surprise. It has a really unique groove and sound that stands out from the other tracks on the album. Again, we can imagine this one going off in live sets by cleverly sneaking it in when you think something else is going to drop.

‘Disco Funk’ is really cool as it has quite a mixture between wet and dry sounds, along with some clever phasing that plays on the ears, yet is still hard enough to be able to enjoy live.

The last track on the LP ‘Stand Down’ is nice as it sounds slightly different in terms of mixdown and mastering to the other tracks on the album whilst still encompassing L33’s style. In fact, every track on the album does this in a unique way and it’s great to see L33 pushing Neurofunk as hard as he can.

You can pick up this album from Beatport exclusively on the 30th of May and everywhere else on the 13 June.

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