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26th May 2016 Comments (0) Features & Reviews, Track Of The Day

Cosmic Velocity – Life On Earth

Woah, this is sick! The beat starts really eerie and then quickly develops in to this quirky and upbeat hip-hop beat with the best sounding drum fills that get your head nodding along the second it kicks in. The spoken word style rapping on top then compliments it perfectly, and really paints a picture in your head that is reminiscent of a music video.

We then get to the second drop of the track and the hip-hop style beat double times into a sick jungle style drum beat that just completely changes the tone, whilst still keeping that vibe he introduced in the beginning.

This is absolutely incredible and from a completely unknown guy called Cosmic Velocity. We can’t wait to hear more from this guy and to see what else he has to say. You can grab the album from here. Enjoy ‘Life On Earth’ – it’s our track of the day!

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