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12th May 2016 Comments (0) Features & Reviews

Methlab 2 – Bad Taste Recordings [REVIEW]

MethLab 2 Digital ArtworkToday we are blessed with the brand new compilation on Bad Taste Recordings which brings us 7 brand new tracks from the extremely talented MethLab crew. Including tracks from Current Value, Billain, Audeka as well as Optiv, MachineCode and many more! Let’s get stuck in then…

The opening track is from Drum & Bass powerhouse Current Value who is known for his insane engineering skills and they shine through the track the second I hit play. Building up in to this really cool techy roller, the underlying reese wraps it all together with a drum beat similar to that of Break’s ‘Steam Train’.

The next track is from another staple Drum & Bass name – Billain. He is well known for his experimental styles and crazy dynamics, which some people simply just do not get. The way the elements syncopate is almost like an alien came down to our planet just to make Drum & Bass. Absolute crazy tune.

Next up is the collaboration between the legend, Optiv and the beast CZA. This is a real nice tune with a consistently bouncy drum beat and a nice crunchy distorted top layer that makes you want to grind your teeth in to dust.

Now time for something a little bit different. The way I would describe this tune is like half timed breaks. The flow is choppy and scatty with random bass noises thrown into a broken drum beat that somehow all just works when combined together. Definitely the most unique track on here, so far. Disprove, Signal and Audeka are definitely ones to watch.

Track 5 on the release ‘Behind This Door’ is certainly cool, and again of a slightly different style to the others on the track. So far, it’s been a well balanced release. This is a proper tech roller that makes you wanna constantly nod your head at 4/4 or just simply get up and dance until you can’t dance any longer.

‘Signature’ is next up and WEW what a banger! We can imagine this one going off in people’s live sets and it certainly helps to break up the release by hearing something you all might be a little bit more familiar with.

Lastly, no release is complete without something completely out-there and different. ‘Samurai’ by Audeka and Rawtekk accomplishes just this. The pair manage to set a really cool tone to the track with this really cool atmosphere and droney bass elements over top.

This is an absolute blinder of a release and we can imagine all of these being enjoyed in their own ways. Make sure you grab the release from beatport on the 20th May as well as grabbing their upcoming #Dempadznbreakztho – a free sample pack to be announced soon and featuring pads and breaks from the entire MethLab roster plus special guests.

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