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26th April 2016 Comments (0) Uncategorised

Terminal – Activation EP [REVIEW]

terminal_packshotWe have the pleasure of previewing an upcoming release from Terminal today, a brand new YouTube channel / collective that is bringing you the freshest and finest in Drum & Bass. They’ve put together the ‘Activation’ EP featuring the likes of Disprove, L33, MachineCode and more.

The first track is by Audeka & Disprove and they seriously set the tone straight away with their beastly collaboration. Dark and funky, just how Neurofunk should be. The constant rolling drumline with all those breaks is delightful to listen to, and probably even more fun to mix with.

We’re really getting into the EP now and Transmission Control by L33 is absolutely insane. Tearing through the track is this amazing distortion that really helps to fill the track out, backed up with some hard-hitting drums and some crazy noises in-between to stop  your attention from wandering.

Next up we have the Evacuation VIP by MachineCode – nice. More of a roller than a full-on banger, this would really sit nicely in-between those intense tracks to help keep the flow of the mix going. The sound design and engineering is on-point with this track, and MachineCode has done an impressive job tying all the different elements together.

Dark Warrior by Maztek and Maksim starts off sounding like your standard Drum & Bass track, that is, until Maksim starts laying down the fire. When the half-timed beat comes through it’s clear that this track already stands out from the rest, and all you can muster doing is thrusting your body back and forth to the beat like it’s going out of fashion.

Last on the EP is something a bit more experimental form Rawtekk. Beneath The Surface Of The Seas is a great metaphor for how the track sounds. This track might seem like it’s all over the place, but if you really listen to the way the elements syncopate you’ll realise this is nothing short of genius.

With 5 tracks out of 5 being amazing, this is one EP you can NOT sleep on. Definitely both eyes are required to keep locked on to Terminal as they are clearly setting themselves up for massive success. Now stop reading this and throw your money at them.

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