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21st April 2016 Comments (0) Features & Reviews

Coppa Presents Defcon 1

subs155_1000Berlin-based MC and producer Coppa has been busy! He’s worked with a whole host of people already including Tantrum Desire, Machinecode, Disaszt and Barely Alive, championed his own Drum & Bass record label and seems to be at every event across europe.

So, it’s no surprise then that his latest EP titled, ‘Defcon 1’ features huge collaborations with names such as Agressor Bunx, Machinecode, Current Value and L33. Today, we are fortunate enough to review it!

Opening the release up with some eerie strings, Agressor Bunx builds up this moody Atmosphere whilst Coppa lays down some vocals that really helps to set the mood. This then drops in to this wonderfully bouncy drop that isn’t too in your face, but certainly wants to make you move. The track really sets the tone of the EP well and has got us interested in what else it has to bring.

The second track opens up with some interesting percussion that then builds with this crazy noise rolling around the top end. Coppa then delivers some lyrics on top and then all hell breaks loose when it drops! This fat distorted reece tears through the track making you want to lose everything you have and get sweaty.

The third track takes a slightly different approach and is more for you techy dnb fans. The track just keeps rolling with one of the best pitched snares I’ve heard since Mefjus made them popular. There’s something about the engineering in this track too that just makes it sound so crisp and nice.

Last, but not least we have the collab with MachineCode called, ‘Thunder And Lightning”. The drums and groove in this are crazy and there is some really cool vocal processing that makes Coppa sound almost unrecognisable.

The EP is completely solid, and while not bringing too many new things to the table, is definitely one that you are going to want for your live sets. Coppa has been absolutely killing it lately, and we’re really interested to see what else he can do with his live sets and performances.

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