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14th April 2016 Comments (0) Features & Reviews

Segment & Concept Vision – Mammoth EP [REVIEW]

Eatbrain 024 Segment & Concept Vision - Mammoth EPEatbrain have been absolutely killing it on the Neurofunk front as of late. Very quickly have they established themselves, self-titling as the “Premier Neurofunk” label, and you can see why. Each of their releases are solid and push the genre forward whilst still maintaining a high level of quality. Today, we are reviewing the ‘Mammoth’ EP from Segment & Concept Vision.

Now, these guys are also relatively unknown having only been around for roughly a year but damn can they produce. The two obviously compliment each other in the production process, I mean how else could they get a perfect mixture of sound design and engineering?

The first track is titled, ‘Charge’ and certainly makes an impact! Opening with your classic droney atmosphere and building in to the drop, the track caught me by surprise. On first impression, there is nothing outstanding to the track – until those vocal stabs come through, however. There is something unique about the atmosphere and tone the track sets, and would definitely go in our sets.

Now, ramping it up slightly we have, ‘Radiant’. The intro somewhat reminds you of how Noisia build up their atmospheres and scenes in their tracks. The main bass noise on the drop is really nice and, whilst risking sounding a bit too droney, the guys managed to get the right balance of groove behind it with percussion and other elements.

Halfway through the EP, and we get on to, ‘Mammoth’. Holy crap is all I can say! We can understand why this is the title track of the EP now. The track basically goes IN and has such a nice groove to it. It’s not completely full-on like you would expect, but the simple pauses in the groove make it so rewarding to listen to. The aggression that comes through is insane too, and we would definitely like to hear this on a big system.

We finish off the EP with, ‘Heist’. Now, this is a bit different to the other stuff on the EP and reminds us of something like TC would put in his sets. Upbeat, funky and one of the smoothest rollers out there at the moment.

In conclusion, the entire EP has been well engineered, thought out and refined. Each track belongs in a set somewhere and definitely need to be heard on a big system. Not only should these two producers be happy with the variation they have, but Eatbrain will definitely be taking pride in their work right now.

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